Arch Ganesha


Vighnharta Ganesha (Hindu God) is worshiped the most. His big-small idols can be found easily in Hindu Houses…read more

  • Material: Indian Siris
  • Width: 4″
  • Height: 12″
  • Length: 6″

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Vighnaharta Ganesha (Hindu God) is worshiped the most. His big-small idols can be found easily in Hindu Houses. A very famous God and pretty too. Ganesha has a heavy body and is worshiped at the beginning of any task or ritual as he is said to be the God of the beginnings. Ganesha also is known as Ganpati and Vinayaka has normally two hands but in some Hindu sculptures, it is shown four-armed and in some six arms. Ganesha’s statues are seen in different postures and poses. Every form has a meaning and these idols are purchased based on those meanings. It is interesting to study the various looks of Ganesha. Statue or paintings of Lord Ganesha is best for gifts as well.

This Wooden Arch Ganesha Statue has been prepared by our artists in such a way that along with worship this could also be used as a decorative piece. It is an elegant one and of course, keeping Ganesha near to you results in wonders. His front left hand in Abhaya Mudra, which depicts protection to mankind. This idol represents that Lord Ganesha is always watching the world and is there for his devotees.

Buy Arch Ganesha Statue for happiness and a positive vibe around the home. Worshipping Lord Ganesha brings a lot of miracles and wonders. Devotees praise Lord Ganesha for their family’s wellbeing and they believe that Ganesha listens and responds to their prayers. Buy Online Arch Ganesha Wooden statue from Vedic Rococo. VR has an amazing variety of Hindu Gods and Goddess statues. Wooden well-carved sculptures are available for those who love to have antique products at their places. VR exclusively deals in vintage and antique products which are prepared by skilled artists of India. These include beautifully carved panels, statues, sculptures, wall hangings, paintings and a lot more.

Arch Ganesha

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