Sitting Ganesha (Four Feet)

Sitting Ganesha (Four Feet)

Look at the heavenly idol of Lord Ganesha. How well this is shaped. Excellent carving has resulted to a beautiful structure. It is of four feet. Lord Ganesha’s posture here says that he is ready to serve his devotees in anyway… read more

  • Material: Indian Siris
  • Width: 8″
  • Height: 48″
  • Length: 36″
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Look at the heavenly statue of Lord Ganesha. The well-shaped statue will take you to a new creative world. A demanding task accomplished with such perfection. Kudos to the artists who contributed their effort to create this masterpiece. Excellent wood carving has resulted in a beautiful structure of sitting Ganesha. It is of four feet. Lalitasana is a posture where Ganesha is sitting relaxed and in a calm position. Lord Ganesha’s posture here says that he is ready to serve his devotees in any way. Buy online sitting Ganesha statue.

Sitting Ganesha is the most pacific idol. Here Ganesha is meditating while keeping an eye on his devotees, and this world. Worshippers believe that worshipping Lord Ganesha brings success and happiness in life. Every Hindu family has a Ganesha statue for their wellbeing and blessings. Ganesha takes care of those family who pray to the idol. This sitting Ganesha idol is perfect for your home temple or for decoration purposes. You may keep it in your car and all the journeys will be safe.

In this Wooden Carved Sitting Ganesha Statue, one leg is resting on the throne and another is down upon the ground, it represents that Ganesha is attentive to you and hearing all your prayers. This position of Lord Vinayaka symbolizes his semi meditation pose. His beautiful appearance in this idol is bringing spirituality along with purifying the vibe of the place it is placed. If you are planning to gift something unique to your loved ones or about corporate gifting, you may think about this great work of art. Not only this will be an amazing gift but also others would love your taste for art and creativity. We are bringing spirituality home with the most spiritual pieces available at Vedic Rococo. Wooden Ganesha statue online is available at VR, a one-stop-shop for this artistic product.

Sitting Ganesha

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