About Founders

Like every passionate being, founders of Vedic Rococo also have a different story. Coming from different backgrounds and choosing something outlandish is all about them. Two creative people Shobha and Siddhartha are successfully running Vedic Rococo.

  • Shobha- Doctor and a Creative Lady CEO, Founder

    Shobha is basically a Medical doctor, a Public health specialist and a Business administrator- MBBS, MPH, MBA. She is keen on working on social policies and understood that livelihood is the sustainable intervention for eradicating poverty in our country.

    Cherishing her Antiques fondly
    VR-THE Vintage Hikes is the most anticipated project for her. As she was associated with vintage and traditions since the beginning. Coming from a traditional south Indian family her childhood memories are closely linked to them. Tradition and culture were inculcated in her lifestyle.

    She was always surrounded by traditional furniture, designs, and architecture. Those sounds, music, paintings, and every single thing was within her since she was born. Even after growing up she couldn’t detach herself with these things. Cherishing her antiques has always been inside her.

    She has got lot of positive energy from the temples and Culture and now is geared up for VR-The Vintage Hikes.

    What made her step into an offbeat?
    Whenever Shobha shared her memories with people around her, she was surprised to know that most of them were not familiar to even the basic ritual or tradition. They even miss all the cultural practices they have heard in these years.

    Shobha then thought of the Conscious Buying concept. If every individual starts to buy vintage things, traditional furniture, and decors of high quality and those that speak of our cultural heritage and culture of Indian past, wouldn’t it be great?

    We can pass traditions in the form of heirloom to the next generation and generations to come. And everyone will have a story to narrate and a memory they will nurture and tell to their grandchildren.

  • Siddhartha…full of ambitions CEO, Founder

    Siddhartha is a Production engineer by qualification. Has worked in IT, Research & Project Planning projects across India. Worked in various MNCs which helped him to know the corporate working ethics. It gave him the exposure to work with people of different culture and helped him to understand the business structure of a good company and the importance of the power of the brand.

    Something new, something different
    Siddhartha believes in trying something new, creating something different every day. He had an urge to establish himself independently. Obviously, it was full of risk. But he went ahead and here he is…doing something new, something different.

    Besides all of this, Siddhartha loves to play with colours. Yes, you got it right, he is a painter as well. Using his educational background, he tried to switch his career to product designer but it took shape as an interior designer.

    Family was his ethical teacher
    Siddhartha fondly says he takes inspiration from his family. His family background was pious and orthodox. Importance to old and traditional concepts were induced within him. Being a fan of Amar Chitra Katha, attraction towards temple architecture and carvings depicting myths and puranas was a natural affair.

    Siddhartha says, running Vedic Rococo is satisfying. It gives immense responsibility and ownership of work and customers directly reviews it. Its great to hear appreciation of our work and this is the best thing about this profession.