Ganesha with Flute

Ganesha with Flute


With so much innocence, absolute untroubled persona softly plays a flute. The wooden idol is angelic. Having elephant headed Lord Ganesha’s idol is always a blessing… read more

  • Material: Indian Siris
  • Width: 9″
  • Height: 12″
  • Length: 8″

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With so much innocence, absolute untroubled persona softly plays the flute. Buy Ganesh statue with flute which is truly angelic. Flute is the most celebrated musical instrument in India. It is also known as Bansuri, Murali, etc. People started using flute at Vedic period. Buddhist use it for their religious music purposes.

Here Lord Ganesha is playing the flute and the idol prepared is beautiful. Ganesha’s idol of playing any musical instrument is rare. This is one of the rare statue and extremely adorable. Traditional belief is that Ganesha plays the flute to spread calmness and serenity in the world. The music of his flute is total bliss. Having elephant headed Lord Ganesha’s idol is always a blessing. Be it a temple, house, office, or kept in a car. His presence sparkles the environment and filling with a heavenly aura. Ganesha has a lot within himself. Be it his large trunk, his ears, hands and the bulky body which is his uniqueness.

There are several Ganesha devotees and few of them are those skilful artists who keep themselves busy by creating Lords Ganesha idols. This is their source of earning bread and butter as well. The whole process of transforming a piece of wood into a spectacular Ganesha statue is time taking and needs devotion for accomplishment. Collection of the creation of the artists is sold by Vedic Rococo to promote the Indian skill and to help the artisans. Different hands idol tells a different story. His head is a symbol of intellectuality. His playing flute posture is comforting and really nice for gifting. Ganesha even has a little mouse as his vehicle. This mouse actually symbolizes our mind which continuously jumps and sometimes acts destructively. Lord Ganesha has mastered the mouse. Wooden Ganesh Statue with Flute buy online at VR The Vintage Hikes.

Ganesha with Flute

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