Airport Authorities of India, Delhi

Airport Authorities of India, Delhi

Airport Authorities of India project at Delhi is one of our most prestigious projects till date.
This project gave us the freedom to showcase the southern art form’s intricacy and details.
This intent of the project is in synchrony to our motto and values and this project remains close to our heart.
The complexity involved in this project was security clearance and timely execution of the project.

Before Order Execution—

  • Site visit
  • Initial client requirement assessment and understanding client expectations
  • Presentations involving concept discussion
  • Corrections in concept discussions
  • Finalizing designs
  • Project budget report submission
  • Approval of project budget allocations
  • Timeline and phase wise payment detailed report
  • Detailed confirmed order and inbound conditions

Preparation and Order Execution at Site—

  • Basic sketches to suit the designs from the artisans
  • Approval of sketches
  • Coordinating the items to be received at the project location
  • Timely visit to monitor work
  • Security clearances
  • Coordinating site erection works
  • Final approvals from client side coordinators
  • Detailed final report and submission of bills for funds release

Scope of the Project—

  • Chairman room decor and board rooms decor assignment

Execution Time—

  • 90 Days

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