Our Story


Beautiful India is wealthy in skill, heritage, vintage...how come people still are not aware of the unique things we preserve here! It is shocking to see the heedlessness towards traditional practices which are passed from generations to generations.

VR Founders, Shobha and Siddharth experienced that some people were awed and in addition they noticed many of them did not have so much of tradition in their life and have missed so much of cultural practices that are normal for people who have been brought up in a religious and traditional family.

This led them to "Conscious buying" of traditional furniture and decors which speaks of the cultural heritage of Indian rich past. They were absolutely specific about the high quality of whatever being purchased.

"You can name it as a campaign or mission or anything…but we die heartedly wish everyone at large to know the significance of such valuable stuff," Shobha and Sidharth added.

Who we are

We sell Vintage Furnitures, well carved idols including Hindu God and Goddess, wooden showpieces, beautifully carved pieces of wood, brass, steel etc, paintings of various Indian forms/styles, vintage furniture, Utensils and many more. Things made from selective artists are high in demand. One specific trait about Vedic Rococo is we deal with elite things which are extremely high in quality.

We started our venture in 2015 and people really applauded. Our site vedic rococo gives you a tour to this uncommon world of Vintage.

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We take you to the Vintage world…at one click

Just a click and you will be floating in a vintage world. This is Vedic Rococo. It’s a site which deals in Vintage products, and the name is unique in itself. Indian tradition in ‘vedic’ and the western old fashion in ‘rococo’.
Vedic Rococo- The Vintage Hikes in short it is ‘VR-The Vintage Hikes’.
We work with traditional and contemporary decors trying to keep up with the style of our strength. Our signature style is traditional, vintage and heritage.

We understand our social values

If not us, who will think for the artists. We had to stand for them, to promote them, traditional and sustain their livelihood. And so we did, we stood up for them… effort is still on but it is truly incomplete without our customers.

If every individual consciously buys high quality work, three tasks could be done at the very same time. One, art and heritage of India will be promoted. Second, sustaining the livelihood of the artisans and third, we can pass traditions in the form of heirloom to the next generation and generations to come.

This is genuinely exclusive

Big corporates prefer accessorizing their workplace around vintage, traditional and ethnic ideas. This is uncommon and rare are those who deliberate these concepts.

Few are there who like to decorate vintage at their places. Some prefer to gift these stuffs.

We would like to tell, either you grace your corporate place or gift vintage or just decorate at your guest room. This is genuinely exclusive.
You go for it, and we are there for you.