Raja Ganapathi (3.5 Feet)

Raja Ganapathi (3.5 Feet)

Raja means King. Undoubtedly Lord Ganpati is a king of all times. This idol is royal, making him the real king. Place is near you and you will see the transformation at your place. Your house/office will soon be in a spiritual aura… read more

  • Material: Indian Siris
  • Width: 12″
  • Height: 42″
  • Length: 22″
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An inexplicable statue of Ganesha. This statue is named as Raja Ganapathi. Raja means King and undoubtedly Lord Ganapathi is a king of all times. He is the most worshipped God in Hindu Religion. Ganesha is worshipped at the very first of a prayer session. Before the beginning of any task or ritual, Lord Ganesha is praised first. He is remembered for a good start of anything. Lord Ganesha showers health and happiness in his devotees. Buy Raja Ganapati statue online for an auspicious beginning.

This Wooden Raja Ganapati Statue online is royal, making him the real king. Place it beautiful piece of work near you and you will see the transformation sooner. It removes even a bit of negativity and fills the place with spirituality and a positive aura. For a better professional work, buy King Ganapati Wooden Statue online. It helps to work efficiently and bestow his blessings. His character has all the traits of a Raja. He solves all problems and his presence in the form of an idol is considered a bliss and it is said that he will heal all the problems and negativity out of you.

His each and every form is worshiped in Hindus. His head is a mark of purity and truthfulness. The human body of Lord Vinayaka is mentioned as the presence of mankind. He is worshiped with an Aum which is said to kill all the negative vibe. Worshipping Lord Ganesha anyway removes any negative essence and hurdles. Ganapati takes away all the obstacles and provide his devotees with his blessings and a smooth path. Buy King Ganapati Wooden statue online from Vedic Rococo where the skilled artists have showcased the handmade statues which are out of the world. VR The Vintage Hikes is a one stop for Antique and Vintage products lovers.

Raja Ganapathi

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