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World of Vintage

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Exquisite wooden Lotus Panel


A Vintage Kockum Milk can

Buddha Statue

Buddha statue bestowing Peace and Spirituality


Alluring Saraswathi Tanjore painting

Metal Decor

Red and Black Toned Metal Rooster Figurine

Interior Decor Products

Our Story

vedic success story Vedic Rococo is a glimpse of the wealthy Indian Heritage and Vintage LEARN MORE

Meet Founders

vedic founders Shobha…Medical doctor, a Public health specialist, and a Business administrator and at the same time a highly creative person who has a passion for designing. While working on social welfare policies, she thought of VR-The Vintage Hikes that will not only be a go-to source for people who want the very best in the original design but also will make a small change by promoting the livelihood of skilled artisans and young artisans by encouraging their livelihood and sustain them.

Siddharth…is basically an engineer by qualification. However, his love for abstract art and painting served as a catalyst to help him realize his true calling.

Shobha & Siddharth strongly believe that a great designer is someone who not only serve their clients well but also manages to think unlimited.


VR Unique Space

interior services


Interior Designing Services available to bring you elegant home.
Residential and Commercial designs Just for you.

corporate gift

Corporate Presents

Looking for finest corporate gifts?
We are here. Incomparable presents exclusively for Corporates.


Delighted Shoppers

suneeta raju Suneeta Raju Patna, India

"Lucky for me, Highly Recommended"

Mrs.Suneeta Raju is our very lucky client. MD of Mallur Flora and Hospitality Private Limited in Bangalore.This outstanding national award winning Shiva family now adorns their factory! She finds Shiva family statue absolutely Lucky for her.

amith kumar Dr Amith Kumar Coimbatore, India

"Excellent Collection, Value for Money"

Dr Amith Kumar, a consultant Clinical Geneticist, and a devotee of Lord Ganesha says "I feel as if he doesn’t seem to think any of my problems are beyond his zone of expertise to solve, what a brilliant Ganesha idol I got from VR"

kusuma bansal Kusuma Bansal Kathmandu, Nepal

"Happy to purchase this beautiful piece of exquisite"

"We had doubts about the workmanship and the finish of the sculpture. However, this is to say in all earnestness that the finished product has not just met our expectations but has actually gone beyond. Really happy to purchase this beautiful piece of exquisite."

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